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WatchLock™ is the most advanced smart padlock in the market. This innovative device protects goods and send reports, via alerts, every time it is open or closed, with the GPS tracker allowing the user to know the padlock’s exact location from anywhere in the world. The alerts can be received on a mobile phone or a PC/tablet and consist of text messages and/or e-mails, reporting about such events as openings, lockings, forcing attempts, entries and exits in predetermined areas, etc.

WatchLock™ makes it possible to track high-value shipments during the whole shipping cycle and to monitor the transporting vehicle or container as it goes from one location to another, regardless of the covered distance or the employed transport method.

The complete WatchLock™ system consists of a high-security padlock and a web application. The online application is a flexible generator of Internet-based events, which allows for real-time monitoring from anywhere, anytime, as well as the creation of tracking reports at any time and during any period the user may choose.

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